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I'm trying to set a global path to give a specific Perl version priority.  I tried setting PATH in both /etc/profile and /etc/environment, but it never took.  I tracked the problem down to /root/.bashrc, line 102, which sets PATH to a fixed


I hate to question the TurnKey developers, but is that a bug to ignore the global PATH and reset it to basically the same as /etc/environment (minus tail :/usr/games)?  Kinda defeats the purpose of a global path if I also have to add it to every profile.

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But I'm not really qualified to comment because I don't know enough (or actually anything) on the rationale for doing what the core TKL devs did.

If you think it's a bug, then please feel free to lodge one, worst case scenario they'll mark it invalid and/or won't fix! Regardless if it's causing you problems I think that it's gotta be good that you discovered this and by posting about it, it is now at least somewhat documented.

AFAIK Alon & Liraz (TKL core devs) are deep in a development cycle so not sure when we'll next hear from them but hopefully one of them will drop in and give you some input.

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