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AWS blocking my office IP?

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Hi all,

I have had a chat to an insider I know at Telstra (our local ISP) and it seems that my IP is being blocked somewhere - I cannot log into one of my Joomla appliances. Naturally I did a trace route and found it bounced around telstra before getting out to Los Angeles then onto Singapore - where it stopped dead.

Is AWS blocking me?

I tried looking for a contact but could only find premium support emails and numbers...

Anyone had this issue or know who to contact?

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We are facing same issue any idea?

Hi chris,

asw has blocked my office ip too.. dont know why it is happening... do you have any idea... any solution?


Thanks in advance

Ankit S.

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It has blocked my office IP as well

Hi Chris, 

It seems AWS has blocked our office IP as well. If we get our IP changed from our ISP it works for few days and it gets blocked again ironically for websites hosted by us on AWS. 

Did you find any solution for this?



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I'm not sure how Chris went

But have you tried contacting Amazon? Their support is usually pretty good, at least fairly quick at responding anyway...

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Yes I

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Might be the telco

AWS is renown for people setting up servers and sending emails (legit lists) but they have no idea how to configure the server for anti spam. Consequently IP ranges get blocked by the likes of trend micros NUL list. If you use a service that interrogates NUL first then they will block it.

I will elaborate more when I get a chance, busy right now.

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

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Few questions

Sorry about the delay!

A few things I need to know.

IP addresses, do you send email from the server, what is it used for, do you have any dns records set up?

Check your ip against blacklists like those on MXTools.com

I am here for a few hours tonight and then its easter! So if I dont hear from you it might take a few days to get back!

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

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We're on spamhaus PBL black

We're on spamhaus PBL black list : 



From the description of Spamhaus website, this seams harmless.

It's an office IP and we don't have any DNS setup here. We use email clients to send emails, there is no email server setup here. All emails go from AWS SES. 


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check your servers IP

Check your servers IP for blacklisting.

The spamhaus listing is just because you are a dynamic IP, thats normal.

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

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