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Good morning!

I just installed Mantis Appliance.  The Turnkey version is 11.3.  This comes with 1.1.8 Mantis version. Mantis has had plenty of bug fixes and feature additions since 1.1.8.  Currently the version is 1.2.8.

How do I upgrade this with the least pain?

I assumed the easiest way would be through the mantis /admin/upgrade.php file?

However, when I attempt to get to this directory - http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/admin/upgrade.php I get a forbidden 403 error.  I check the permissions on that specific file and changed them to 777 and I still get that error. 

How can I gain access to this upgrade.php file??


If there is an easier way of upgrading to 1.2.8 please provide me with step by step instructions or a link to step by step insturctions as it doesn't seem to be as intuitive as I would expec (upgrade through webmin in the form of a "managed packages).


Thank you.

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And you may be able to work around it by temporarily commenting some stuff out of your .htaccess file? (Or just remaning it) But either way don't forget to change it back.

Having said that, seeing as it's from the repos (ie via package managment) it may be better to just install the newer version from upstream. A quick google turned this up.

Either way, make sure you back up all your data before you go too far or you may run the risk of loosing it.

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