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I've run into an issue with images displaying in posts on my TKWordpress install.  I created a test post on a fresh install and included a small image.  I then accessed the page from outside my local network and the images do not show, only a place holder.  When I view the post inside my network LAN, the images show as they should.

Any ideas?  The fresh install displays great and loads fast, even the images from the default install.  Only when I create a post with a photo do I have this problem.

Thank you in advance,

Gordon Medley

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Whilst I didn't find a fix, it seems that it is perhaps to do with the url of the images (when saved when using LAN the url would generally be different). Although others suggested that it is something to do with permissions...?

You could test this theory by uploading a picture from an external connection and check that it displays correctly.

Assuming that it is the url, perhaps a workaround would be to use a local DNS (or entry in the hosts file) to redirect to the LAN IP/hostname. That way you could access the TKL WordPress appliance internally via the same url as is used externally. So when you save images they would be the same url regardless of where you are connecting from!?

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