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Hi, We are using Turkey Zimbra from past 6 months as our office mail server. Everything has been working fine, but suddenly we found bad sectors on the hard disk. I have installed the same version of Turnkey Zimbra on a new system, but don't know how to migrate all the data i.e. Email accounts and their emails from that previous server. I still have access to all the data from previous server but not sure if I need to follow the same steps of migration of Open Source Edition ( or there is any change I need to made. Thanks
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But I think you could safely assume that following those steps should get you there. Obviously there will be a few steps you can ignore (assuming that you are migrating to another TKL Zimbra instance).

The first thing i would do is get your data off the failing harddrive, then turn that server off. The reason I say that is (as you probably know) once a disk starts to go bad it can sometimes deteriate rapidly. Other times it will continue to chugg along happily for ages - but better to be safe than sorry IMO! Then worst case scenario you'll probably get another dig at it. It will also mean that you can configure your new server as a 'drop-in' replacement for the old without causing headaches.

So you will probably need to configure your new Zimbra server and your network (eg DNS etc) first. Then import your old data and test and you shouldl be good to go!

Hopefully it all goes smoothly for you. Be great if you can document your experience and report back because no doubt others will be interested.

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