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no password for apps proxmox 2

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Hello all,

Im playing around with proxmox 2 and I created a container traying differnet apps. In discription of the apps are:

Credentials (passwords set at first boot):

but there was nothing to set a password. The container comes up and I can login via shell. But I dont have a passwort for the apps. I tried joomla, redmine, diko. All the same.

Did I something wrong?

Can someone help?



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Hello all,



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after searching and trying I found this:


the secret is: using "turnkey" as password and you are lucky.




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Sorry for very delayed response...

Not sure how I missed this one.

Because OpenVZ templates don't have a true console the interactive firstboot scripts hang and there is no way to interact with them. So in TKL OVZ templates they are disabled and the firstboot scripts need to be run manually with the command 'turnkey-init'.

So even though you may have discovered some sort of workaround, I strongly suggest that you run the firstboot scripts as it also generates the random keys used for security.

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Update Docs

Please could you consider adding this nugget of information to the "Virtualization Notes" page. Or perhaps a note at the bottom of the appliance pages along with the other password information.


I was stuck for some time until I came across this posting.


My stuff is running, but easier to find docs might help others in the future.




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Thanks for the feedback

I have updated the Virtualization Notes page as you suggested. How's that now? Would that have helped you find your way easier? (I can't adjust the rest of the website). BTW any logged in user should be able to edit the Docs (they're a wiki).

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