Hi every one, I am a bit concerned with missing files from my system. Basically the fileserver serves up to 6 computers on a LAN. Now the last remote update I made had a file named X which had 18.3mb , now the files only has less than 2mb. Is there any way of tracking down what has been happening with that file. Note that sometimes it is being accessed remotely using webmin and files are uploaded/ downloaded. I have a report from webmin where I could see all the actions that has taken place but is there any way of finding out what has been happening from the LAN [all windows platform] ?

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But google turns up a few ideas. I haven't tried any of them but perhaps have a bit of a look at these?:

http://search.cpan.org/~andya/File-Monitor-0.10/lib/File/Monitor.pm (looks like a Perl module but I'm not sure).

If you don't want certain files to be deleted/edited by users, you could run a cron job to reset permissions so they are read only.

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