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EEEK Cannot delete a backup from the hub!

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I have 158Gb for a file server sitting in the hub that I cannot delete?!?

I removed the link to the HUB, stopped backups etc but everytime I click delete forever it just stays there!

Anyone experienced this?

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I have heard of others with the same issue but not sure on a fix

I'm guessing you probably have already contacted Alon and/or Liraz via the Hub Feedback button, but just in case you haven't (and/or for others who come across this post) that'd be the go.

The only other thing that I could suggest is try using a different browser. As you would probably know some have had issues at times with both IE & Chrome. AFAIK no one has reported issues with Firefox.

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Size Issue

Something timed out because it was taking too long.

The guys sorted it from their end...

Chris Musty


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