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I'm running an apache webserve on your LAMP server, Turnkey LAMP 11.1. 

I'm using TLKBAM and I've successfully recovered to a fresh install of LAMP 11.1 without any issues in the past.

I want to test a failure scenario and back up to a new server, but I've noticed that now the LAMP version is 11.3.

Am I able to pull by TKLBAM restore onto the new 11.3 image or are there any gotchas I need to look out for?



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The v11.x series is all based on Ubuntu 10.04 and the only differences should be the package (minor) versions included. There should be no gotchas or issues. Once v12.0 is stable then you may need to tweak some things to get the migration to work nicely, but with v11.x should be no issue.

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