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Hi there,

I was thinking to take snapshot of the vm image.

Shutdown the OTRS server normally and take snapshot, do a copy to another vm host.

The next morning, OTRS cannot boot and the harddisk inside vm is in a mess.

The snapshot get error as well, seem it was unlucky no way to recover the image.

I get a copy on the other vm host, and it cannot boot normally, but seem accessable to files.


My plan is to build a brand new Turnkey 11.3 OTRS and migrate the setting and SQL database from the broken one to the new one.

Any one has clue where is the setting files I need to copy and how to take that SQL data?

I am not expert in Database nor Linux, thanks in advance for your help!


Life is hard without OTRS

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It is probably worth trying to repair the disk using fsck from a LiveCD (boot from an ISO if using a VM). There are some good Linux rescue type CDs about but pretty much any Linux LiveCD will have fsck. You may also need to fsck the LV as well as the vHDD. I think if you search here on TKL forums there is discussion of how to, otherwise google should give you the low down.

As for rescuing data, setting are generally found in /etc/<name-of-app>. As for extracting MySQL DB from broken system, I suggest google again. It should be pretty generic for Linux, but just in case if you stick with stuff that discusses Ubuntu (basis of TKL) or Debian (basis of Ubuntu) then you should be pretty right.

Post back if you get stuck, or better still if you work it out! :)

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