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I am wondering if I can have some access somewhere (either on the Backup Dashboard via the hub.turnkeylinux.org or via the Webmin or control line) to be able to control the backup bandwidth setup.  I also stream audio out of my office and get interruptions when the backups are occurring.  Other backup solutions (like Spideroak and Crashplan, etc.) have settings where you can adjust the upload and download speeds.  Can we get the same capabilities with TKLBAM?




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Mike, I've added this to my todo list for TKLBAM. I suspect it should be easy enough to implement leveraging userspace bandwidth shapping packages such as trickle.

In fact, you can use trickle right now to throttle bandwidth speeds for tklbam (e.g., run from a cron job):

apt-get install trickle
trickle -u 100  -d 100 tklbam-backup

That would limit upload/download speeds to 100kb. Not too difficult, but I'm guessing most users wouldn't know about that unless we added built in support into the configuration file or something.

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And raise you a Blueprint! :D

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Thanks for including this, but I would add a couple more comments while we are at it. It would be great to be able to make changes to a TKLBAM backup or restore on-the-fly, or after it has been launched. A corollary to that is that THERE IS NO STATUS UPDATE which lets you know WTF is going on with you backup or restore, as far as I can tell. Not from Webmin, the logs there, OR from the backup dashboard at hub.turnkeylinux.org etc, so I don't have a clue how far along I am on my 29 GB backup, or if it'll end in 10 minutes or 10 days? Should I stop it and rerun it at a more convenient time (maybe after figuring out how to use "trickle") or should I let it run its course?

I have no idea. Anyway we can figure out our status on a backup to Amazon S3 in realtime to help determine what is going on? Maybe with % done and a status showing the recent throughput numbers? Maybe a pause/resume button?

Maybe I am asking too much bells & whistles of what is essentially a server brute-force backup system, but as a Turnkey appliance, it would be nice to have options set for the newbie admin to finesse things for their needs (and be able to adjust things to operate on off-times like overnights and weekends)?

BTW, Thanks for all your continued work on an amazing project of appliances for us all,


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