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We have been running Turnkey Wordpress for around 1 year and I'm looking to setup TKLBAM for backups and to migrate to a different server.  We have only posted around 20 posts and a few photos of associates, but when I run a similated backup it is saying 1.5 GB before compression.  How can I find why it is so big and what I could do to shrink it?

I've played around with several other backup plugins for Wordpress and my fear is that they are left behind being backed up.

I have also been doing plugin and Wordpress upgrades as well as enabling automatic updates to the Linux system. Are these contributing to the backup size?

I did a search on the /var/www folder and only 15 files are over 1 MB and none that are more than 3 MB.

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I discovered a huge backup myself on an appliance some time ago. After some investigation I discovered that it was a combination of Webmin keeping it's logs in /etc (which is a bit naughty I think) and the inclusion of etckeeper (which tracks changes in /etc, storing them with git). My solution was to redirect Webmin logs to /var/log (where logs should go IMO) and purge the etckeeper git repo.

Assuming that at least some of your problem comes from a similar issue, have a read of this post. A handy command for locating where all the space is being chewed up is ncdu (needs to be installed first: apt-get update && apt-get install ncdu).

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