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I am struggling to add a repository to the conf file inside tklpatch for a ps3 mediaserver patch .

below is code off the ps3 web site:
that I am trying to get to work:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:happy-neko/ps3mediaserver

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install ps3mediaserver


I dont use sudo as it is done as root , just wondering if  I am missing something !

Any help would be much appreciated.

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But as for the 'add-apt-repository' command, I don't recall 100% but I thnk something needs to be installed before that command can be used - but can't remember what it is.

Another tack you could take (and what I would do) is manually add a repo entry. Personally I like to keep things separate so would add a separate 'ps3mediaserver.list' file to the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ folder (but you could just add the line to the existing sources.list file).

You can do that 2 ways; either write the file from the command line (ie in your conf script - do this if you wish to write to the existing sources.list) or include it in your overlay (how I'd do it).

I've just had a look at the PPA and here is the line that is needed:

deb lucid main 

If you use the install function/command that is included in the example patches then the only line you will need to include in you conf is

install ps3mediaserver

(The function will take care of the rest as long as the repo is added prior to that command).

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Thank Jeremy got it working now . I have a patch that now installs ( with a  y & n question and answer . Asks if ps3mesdiserver repository should be used.) Is there a way to just allow it ?

The PMS.conf file will need to be manually edited  to change port number , change hostname and  add folders  example:/srv/storage/movies        (which can be accessed by samba after setting it up).

Just have to test some more and clean up the iso.

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Do you mean that it asks whether you want to install (y/n)? If so then you can use switches on apt-get install to force it to install (something like '-f -y --force-yes' but I'm not 100% sure). Personally I just use the install function (as I alluded to above - see lines 7-14 here). You just need to call it with 'install packagename' and it will take care of everything (including apt-get update).

Ultimately it'd be nice to have firstboot scripts to edit the config file, etc but I wouldn't worry too much about that at this stage. It can be done later (by you, me or someone else) after you've released you patch. If you want to have a bash at firstboot scripts, I'm happy to help you with that sometime (after your first release).

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yes that bit sorted now -f -y --force-yes. but will try your install function as well .

firstboot scripts will be needed , so any help would be appreciated.

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And FYI that install function isn't anything to do with me. I just robbed it from Alon's example patches.

When you post your patch I'll give you a hand working out firstboot scripts. Or if you're keen to have a look at what I did you can see all my patches on GitHub (the firstboot scripts are in overlay/lusr/lib/inhooks/bin and overlay/lusr/lib/inhooks/firstboot.d). I don't profess to be an expert on this stuff but I have managed to bash (excuse the pun) some together and got them to work.

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