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Not sure if I missing something but after installing the LAMP app and trying to use the AWS PHP SDK it was clear that CURL needed to be installed and added to the php.ini.

Did I do something wrong, or is CURL missing from the LAMP app out of the box?

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You could double check against the appliance manifest (link on appliance page). If you think it should be included you could register a blueprint and see what the devs reckon.

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This is absolutly crazy, why is cURL not included in the wordpress app?

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something like

apt-get install curl

(search for this or similar on this Site)

I don't recall for sure but normally pretty easy process.   I have installed it onto Joomla before and it went very easily.

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Yes I definatly know how to install cURL but my issue is why are things like cURL not included in the wordpress appliance, in my mind most of the PHP extensions/plugins should be included in any TKL app containing PHP. ESPECIALLY wordpress considering that a large number of plugins/widgets used for wordpress need cURL.

I am not asking for help and I am not complaing, simply asking question.

Perhaps someone can point me in the direction of a forum post relating to the discussion of what does/does not get included in TKL appliances.

Cheers Alex

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apt-get update

apt-get install php5-curl

And like I said above, if you think it should be there by default then lodge a blueprint and/or put your case forward. If you can put forward a good argument I'm sure the core devs would consider it...

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TKL aims to be as minimalist as possible while still being useful. I haven't used WP much but your rationale seems reasonable. I suggest you lodge a blueprint.

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