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First of all, thank you for a great application! Being a realtive inexperienced linux with two small kids and in the middle of moving into a new apartment (read: limited time resources!), I had my torrent-/fileserver up and running in no time. Thank you!

I have a couple of different computers on my network, two of which are running Firefox 10, and one which is running Iceweasel 10 (on Crunchbang Linux, another wonderful experience). The Torrent Server Handler is not compatible with any of these versions, so I am trying to add torrents manually. It works fine for adding a "normal" torrent URL (by pressing the DL button in the advanced mldonkey web gui), but I cannot figure out how to add magnet urls. Am I overlooking something? Any help would be appreciated.

Any help on getting Torrent Server Handler to work on Firefox 10 would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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And unfortunately it seems that magnet link support wasn't added until mldonkey v3.1.3. And according to the Torrentserver appliance changelog it uses the package included in the Debian Wheezy repos (v3.1.2).

The package in Jessie (aka Debian testing) is v3.1.5 but I'm not sure if the dependencies would be met by Wheezy. You may be able to install the Jessie package, but sometimes installing software from later versions of Debian can be tricky if there are too many dependencies.

If you're game you could try it and see...

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