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Hello guy,

I love turnkey, been using it on AWS and locally for Websites, CRM, Intranet. Under AWS, Under XenServer, and baremetal.

I've run into a problem with TurnKey Mysql. I need to run the mysqltuner script. Tried the UBUNTU instructions wget script then execute it, no sucess.

Also, it is not available via apt-get install.

I am a Linux Newbie, guess thats why i love TKL.

Any help is welcome.

Best regards.

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Was there an error? Nothing happened?

It should be a simple case of downloading the script (clone the git repo is easiest IMO):

git clone

Enter the directory: 

cd MySQLTuner-perl

Then run the script:


I just tested it and it ran ok for me (although failed because I don't have MySQL installed), but if for some reason nothing happens, perhaps it needs to be made executable?:

chmod +x

Or run it with Perl like this:


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mysqltuner sounded familiar so I did a search in our build infrastructure and found that Liraz added version 1.2.0 to all MySQL based appliances on Nov 30, 2011.

I'm not sure if that commit made it into the 11.3 release, but if it did then its included in /usr/local/bin. If not, Jeremy's explanations should be spot on. You can also expect mysqltuner to be included in the upcoming TKL 12.0 release on all MySQL based appliances.

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Alon, Jeremy,

Thanks for you guys support.

Well i fell kinda stupid now for not giving enough details. Jeremy, i did almost exactly as you pointed, following instructions fond on the internet, only difference is the GIT part - i did a wget directly. Also made it executable and tried running it.

Via GIT, simply works.

Another question, since we are in the metter. Does anyone know why some options on the MySQL Settings / Parameters section of the Webmin cannot be changed? Like innodb_buffer_size?

For me, only a couple of options have the checkboxes available. Everything else cannot be changed

Sorry for the english, and thanks again.

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