Do Turnkey accounts support multiple users - is there a way to give another user (different username/pwd) access to an account?  Thanks!

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I'm not sure what you're referring to. Do you mean for TKL Hub? Or a TKL appliance?

For TKL HUB - we need to be able to delegate certain tasks.

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But I could be wrong. One way to work around it may be to associate multiple different OpenID accounts, IIRC that can be done, although they may need to be different types? Definitely not a clean solution though. 

It's definitely a good idea though so I have registered a blueprint:

I have elaborated a fair bit but feel free to edit it if I went off on a tangent.

As an afterthought, perhaps you could make use of Amazon's consolidated billing to combine the billing of multiple Hub accounts? I know it's not exactly what you are after but may allow you to achieve your ends?

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+1 for this feature,

another one of our needs is at least to allow a specific user to start / stop a specific TKL app instance

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