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Hi everyone,

By default all the Redmine content should be installed in /var/Redmine but I don't find any Redmine folder. I am trying to configure email server but can find the config file.

Can anybody help me to locate it and share the email config if possible?

Thanks in advance,


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So that would not be the appropriate place for it to be. If you look on the appliance page ( then you can see that it is installed to /var/www/railsapp.

As for SMTP config I have no idea sorry. Perhaps you can find some info on the Redmine site? If you find what you are after and get it allvworking sweet, it'd be great if you can post back as I'm sure it'd be useful for others.

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As Jeremy mentioned, redmine = railsapp

You can configure your email smtp in /var/www/railsapp/config/email.yml

Have a look at the email.yml.example and use one of the configuration.

I use gmail so it would be:

# === SMTP server at using TLS (GMail)

   delivery_method: :smtp
     tls: true
     address: ""
     port: 587
     domain: ""
     authentication: :plain
     user_name: "
     password: "your_password"

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