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Hello guys,

I need to use Amazon SES services, so i must set up DKIM for all outgoing e-mails.

If my wordpress install uses smtp to send outgoing e-mail, do you guys have any ideia how i could accomplish that?

dkim-filter or opendkim? Does postfix has anything to do with emails being send from turnkey box? My guess is no, the server communicates directly with the Server.

This is the best article i could find:

Any help is welcome.

Best regards.

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Hello, thanks for taking the time to awnser.

I tried that plugin and a couple of others. Could not get it to work. I could not find a tutorial except the one at the wordpress directory page which lacks information imo.

Also, depending on the settings i tried on the plugin, the "Send me a test" and "Test DKIM" links of the plugin would give me a 500 error. Wordpress last version.

Thats why i was looking for a more core solution.

Best regards.

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