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Hey guys,


Im running a virtual LAMP and eXtplorer on Proxmox engine, they are both connected to the same LAN (, LAMP,, eXtplorer,  and they are able to ping eachother and so on. What I want to do is to be able to upload a index.html file thru eXtplorer and by doing so making the new uploaded index.html file appear under., is this even possible and how is it done, im not overly confident with linux but i know the basics. I appreciate all answers


regards Henrik

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But TBH I'm not sure exactly how to do it cause I don't use eXtplorer. I would imagine it'd be a case of uploading to /var/www (which is the default doc root).

Another option is to just use Filezilla. SFTP/port 22 using root user.

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