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Where are the Subversion example directories?

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I'm not that familiar with subversion so far. I installied the Turnkey Linux Revision Control Appliance for
being a svn-server on a virtual machine. I can access the sample-project 'helloworld' with a tortoise-client on the host-system. Here the three directories 'branches', 'tags' and 'trunk' are displayed.
On the server the Config-Files of the 'helloworld'-example can be found at /srv/repos/svn/helloworld. I also expected the three directories that I mentioned above, at this place. But unfortunately I can find them nowhere on the server. I searched for hidden directories too. Does anybody know where to find these directories on the server?

Thanks in advance!


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I have the same problem

Yes, a have the same problem.



Thanks for any help.

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