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How do you change the hostname of an instance after it's been initially set in the hub?

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If you set the hostname after the instance was deployed, then you can just release it in your account profile and allocate a new one on the server record.

But if you set it on the launch page, then it was preconfigured on the server itself, in which case you should make the change on the server itself. Log in via ssh/webshell and do the following:

hubdns-info                      # will display the current configuration
hubdns-release                   # will release the currently associated hostname
hubdns-force --force APIKEY FQDN # will re-initialize for new FQDN
hubdns-init --force APIKEY FQDN  # will re-initialize for new FQDN
hubdns-info                      # verify the current configuration

Hope the above helps...

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What about with custom domains?  I got the following:


hubdns-release #                                                                                  
error: Request not supported: Not a FQDN
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Ok so I was unable to run hubdns-release, but I could remove the entry from the tkl hub domain management page.  I'm assuming that accomlishes the same thing.


hubdns-force --force APIKEY FQDN


should actaully be I think, right?


hubdns-init --force APIKEY FQDN

Then a hubdns-info confirms that my desired dns entry is pointing at my machine.


However my hostname does not seem to be resolving (it was resolving fine earlier when I put a manual dns entry in mapping my hostname to the current IP but I think that wouldn't update when the IP changes.

I also had an elastic ip associated with the instance, so I'm not sure how that would have affected hubdns.  

Any advice?

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Oops, sorry about the typo - yes, I meant hubdns-init (fixed in my original comment).

You're correct, you can only release a hostname - custom domains can't be released, as there really is nothing to release - thats just a feature of

As to why it's not resolving, my guess is either local caching or propagation latency. What DNS servers are you using? I recommend using Googles and as they are super fast and comply with DNS TTL's correctly (unlike some ISP's DNS servers I've come across).

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