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Unfortunately, although I succeeded in changing the nameservers at godaddy to point to the ones suggested, all that happened was that the domain cannot be found at all.

Your previous help was useful.

Can you help me get the rest of the way please?

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I added an A record for a "blank" hostname (ie. pointing to your server, and verified it worked. But, this will only continue to work if you don't stop/start the instance, as the instance could get allocated a different IP address.

What I recommend is one of the following: 

  • Assign and elastic IP (static IP) to the server, and update the A record.
  • Release the, initialize hubdns with the new FQDN and chmod +x the hourly cron job, so it will handle dynamic DNS.
  • Leave it as is, and update the A record as needed (note that the TTL will need to expire for changes to correctly propogate when changed).
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Assuming that is your main domain, set up an A record of that. Then set up a CNAME record of www (or the other way - it doesn't matter, just make one an 'A' record and the other a 'CNAME'). Then if you have your MediaWiki appliance set up default it should just work with either domain name.

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