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tklbam-init - switching API keys?

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I recently started using the Turnkey Hub as a way to host virutual machines we use locally as dev boxes. Rather than waiting around for my bosses to approve it, I created an account with my own credit card, and they are going to reimburse me for the charges so far... but they now want their own account seperate from mine.

I was hoping it would be as simple as running tklbam-init (new api key) on one of our turnkey hub servers, but it won't let me apply the new key... I get "error: already initialized" I figured I'd be able to switch the API key, and then run tklbam-backup to create an initial backup of the server on our new company account.

Is there a different command to switch keys? Is what I'm doing even possible, or are we going to have to manually re-build the server on the new account?

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Have a look at this thread

It's not exactly what you're trying to do but should be close enough...


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Same problem here


I am having the same problem.  I ended up having to re-register my Hub account and now I can't change the API key.  I also only have one server and have not yet completed a successful backup, so the link suggested by Jeremy does not help.

Surely there is some way to just change the API key, particularly when I have not even backed up yet - is there something I can delete in order to be able to run tlkbam-init again successfully?  I reeeeeaaaallly don't want to be stuck reinstalling and reconfiguring just because of this....

Any insight anyone might have would be tremendously appreciated.


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Never mind - solved

I deleted server.conf and then did tklbam-init --force

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