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Last month my credit card expired. nothing out of the ordinary, so when I got my new card I logged into amazon and changed billing details, then forgot about it. 

Few weeks later the unsuccesful payment notices started and I was starting to freak out. I have 4 important websites being hosted on there after a lengthy test period. 

After trying every credit card I had I was informed due to lack of payment my account was closed!!!

I kinda freaked out at this. My AWS account was fine but the backups were history baby!

So I figured I would create a new account reinitialise tklbam and perform a backup. As I went through the steps all my backups magically appeared again!

Turns out if there is a credit card problem the only thing you can do is wait until they cut you off and reinable the account again through the hub!

Anyone else had this issue?


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