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LAMP Stack Upgrade - System Crash

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Impossible to upgrade fresh installation of  Lamp Web Stack (MySQL)

Setting up ntpdate (1:4.2.4p8+dfsg-1ubuntu2.1) ...
Setting up xkb-data (1.8-1ubuntu8.1~10.04.1) ...

Setting up procps (1:3.2.8-1ubuntu4.3) ...
Installing new version of config file /etc/init/procps.conf ...

Setting up udev (151-12.3) ...


1. have installed it in virtualbox 4.04(windows 7), at the end of the installation, when it makes the updates , it stops at the upgrade of udev, after 40 minutes i have forced restarted the machine ,resulting in system crash.

2. new installation , i have skipped the automatic update, and tryied with apt-get upgrade. the same thing.


After manny hours of reading the forums, i have tryed with VMWARE workstation 8.02 but it is doing the same .....

any help ?

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LAMP Stack Upgrade - System Crash



look here for information , fairly easy to sort out.

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Or more recently

Another fix has been suggested here (same thread). If neither of those solve your issues, then read through that thread a little more as there is a fair bit of info there.

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Thank you , with udev stoped

Thank you , with udev stoped everything is working like a charm.

thanks again

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