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Noob here... Cannot map or browse shared folders on an instance of AWS TKL Fileserver using a Windows machine over the internet.  I can ssh and Webmin to the TKL Fileserver, so I know it's working somewhat.

I haven't done anything beyond spinning up the machine image.  Seems like I should at least be able to access the shares from Windows using root credentials.  How do I troubleshoot this?  TIA

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I'm guessing that you've either worked it out or given up by now. But just in case you plan to try again, or someone else comes across this...

Theoretically it should be able to work and I am not sure why it doesn't. My first guess is that the AWS firewall (aka the security profile - not the appliance firewall/IPTables) is set up to not allow SMB/CIFS (ie Windows share) connection. Using Windows shares over the internet is not a recommended thing to do. I do not consider it secure enough for that usage scenario. I would suggest that you are using WIndows that you investigate some 3rd party tool that allows SFTP shares to be mounted to the host filesystem.

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