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So this Link: http://getontracks.org/manual/upgrading.html tells me how to move from Tracks 1.7.2 up the ladder. (copied below)


My question is, for the Turnkey Appliance Generally Current Build, what needs to be done?  Can one run "Rake" Commands in WEBSHELL?  Full instructions are below.  Any Turnkey Ideosyncracies to know about?


Upgrading from Tracks 1.7.x or from 2.0RC1 to Tracks 2.0 final



  1. these instructions will work too if you are upgrading to latest 2.0devel tree.

  2. Actually no 2.0RC1 release was done, but some people have been using a development version referred to as RC1. Upgrading is the same as from 1.7.x to RC2.

To upgrade:

  1. Back up your existing database and installation of Tracks

  2. Install Tracks 2.0RC in a new directory

  3. Copy over the configuration from your previous Tracks installation. If using SQLite3, copy the old database into the new Tracks 2.0RC directory.

  4. Run rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=productionto update your old database to the new schema — you did back up your database didn’t you?

  5. Run script/serverinside your Tracks 2.0RC directory to start up Tracks 2.0RC2.

  6. Once you are happy that everything is working well, delete your old Tracks directory.

If you did not start with a new copy of Tracks as described above, but installed over an older version (or used git to pull in a newer version), you need to remove the cached version of the javascript and stylesheets of Tracks.

  1. jquery-cached.js from public/javascripts

  2. tracks-cached.js from public/javascripts

  3. trachs-cached.css from public/stylesheets

If you are running an older version of Tracks (1.8devel), they could also be called jquery-all.js, tracks.js and all.css

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Hello there!

Sorry to dredge up this old post--

I've been playing with the tracks app and so far really like it. I'm interested in bringint it up to the current version, but my rails experience is next to zero. Have you done the further updating and had any success?

Everything I do winds up with an "error 500" 

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Best of all would be if TKL's edition of tracks were to simply be upgraded to the latest build... ;)

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Hopefully this helps somebody out there.

  1.     cd to /home directory
  2.     type wget https://github.com/TracksApp/tracks/archive/v2.2.2.zip
  3.     type unzip v2.2.2.zip
  4.     type cp -Rv tracks-2.2.2 /var/www/
  5.     type cp /var/www/tracks/config/site.yml /var/www/tracks-2.2.2/config/
  6.     type cp /var/www/tracks/config/database.yml /var/www/tracks-2.2.2/config/
  7.     type cd /var/www/tracks-2.2.2/
  8.     type bundle install –without development test
  9.     type bundle exec rake assets:precompile
  10.     type chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/tracks-2.2.2/log
  11.     type chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/tracks-2.2.2/tmp
  12.     type mv /var/www/tracks /var/www/tracks_old
  13.     type mv /var/www/tracks-2.2.2 /var/www/tracks
  14.     Access Tracks Site from a web browser, below the login box there will be a footer depicting the 2.2.2 version


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