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Hello --

I just completed the installation of the Roundup appliance, and I have entered the first ticket. I tested the postfix server by e-mailing a file from the server to a remote address, and it arrived at its destination.

I wanted to know if e-mail notification is already configured with the appliance, and if so, what is the frequency of the reminders?

If e-mail notification is not set up, how can I get it to work?



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Just going through deleting a heap of old emails and came across this one... Not sure if you're still wondering about this (I'm guessing you've probably worked it out by now). Anyway if you (or someone else who finds this) haven't then I suggest that you consult the documentation. I have no experience with Roundup so can't give any pointers, but I'm sure they'd have a forum or an email list.

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