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Create domain account and use on Win2008 server


I have been trying to create a domain account in webmin that I can then use on a w2k8 server but have not had any success. I can create the account ok in webmin but just can't add it to a group on the w2k8server.

I have 2 w2k8 servers that I have successfully joined to the domain but when I try to add the user created in webmin to a group on any of the w2k8 servers, I get "username can not be found". When I do a listing of all known users in the domain on the w2k8 servers, the only users that are listed are root, nobody, administrator. These all exist on the webmin interface, but I wanted to create a separate user and add that to a group on the w2k8 server.

Is there something obvious I'm missing?

Any help appreciated.





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Limitations & issues between 2k8 & Samba3?

I have heard that there are limitations & issues between 2k8 & Samba3 (which provides CIFS/SMB in TKL), although I suspect that they are not your issue here (seeing as you have the default users there already...)

Have you created a new Linux user and then synced it to a Samba user? Samba maintains it's own user database as Linux users and Windows users aren't compatible. IIRC the correct process to follow in Webmin is to create a new Linux user and then under Samba config click the 'sync Linux and Samba users' button (or something similar).

Thanks Jeremy. That's what I

Thanks Jeremy. That's what I was missing, I hadn't realised I had to sync the Linux a/c to Samba. I clicked on the "Convert unix users to Samba users" button and the user I created was then fully operational and available in the windows domain. Thanks again.


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