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I need help in installing and configuring OTRS from Turnkey Amazon AWS image. After i started a micro instance. I clicked on access your software link which it did not load any page. After searching the forum i tried turnkey-init.

Using this i configured default password or OS, MySql and OTRS. Next it asked for backup and storage option, I chose skip. Then it asked security updates which i clicked install and it stopped there. I am not sure, what i should be doing next. I saw the you tube video for configuration. But it does not specify any command prompts i should enter after this. please help me with this.



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If you are using AWS to host appliances then I strongly suggest that you use the TKL Hub. It makes it much easier.

I'm not sure why your appliance stalled on updates, but using the Hub you can preseed all the desired values from the WebUI.

While it may work, turnkey-init is more for OpenVZ and OpenStack images which don't have a console. It may work with AWS too, but it was never intended for that purpose AFAIK.

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