git push to origin fails, is ssh causing the problem...

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I have cloned the helloworld example, made a few commits to it and am trying but failing to push my changes. Hopefully the following info is useful.

esimons@ESIMONSLAPTI7 ~/Documents/testgit/helloworld (master)
$ git push -v origin master
Pushing to git://
fatal: unable to connect to[0:]: errno=No error

esimons@ESIMONSLAPTI7 ~/Documents/testgit/helloworld (master)
$ git remote -v
origin  git:// (fetch)
origin  git:// (push)

Should it report the following instead?

origin ssh:// (push)

I have started ssh on my revision-control appliance and can sometimes ssh into it, but I do not get consistent results.

esimons@ESIMONSLAPTI7 ~/Documents/testgit/helloworld (master)
$ ssh ed-simons@
ssh: connect to host port 22: Bad file number

esimons@ESIMONSLAPTI7 ~/Documents/testgit/helloworld (master)
$ ping

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=139ms TTL=255
Reply from bytes=32 time=148ms TTL=255
Reply from bytes=32 time=159ms TTL=255
Reply from bytes=32 time=176ms TTL=255

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 139ms, Maximum = 176ms, Average = 155ms

I am running the appliance on VMWare Player on my laptop and also using the MINGW32 Bash shell on Windows for the same laptop. I'm doing this as a practice run before rolling out git on to a dedicated server and training other software developers on how to use git.

So far, this is the only problem I have run into.



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And while better late than never, I'm not sure in this instance... I don't have much experience with git other than using GitHub so have no idea really.

But from reading your post, before anything else I'd be wondering why SSH connection is so flakey!? I'd be trying to fix that first because otherwise you might spend heaps of time mucking around with git only to find it is some basic networking issue!? Not usre if it's likely but perhaps try VirtualBox as your VM host instead and see whether that respolves the issue. 

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Thanks for replying. I solved the problem quite a while ago now so can't quite remember the details. It might have been that I was trying to push to a repository using the git protocol. Once I started using ssh everything started workking properly.



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