My dev Joomla server has been hacked and now Turnkey 10.04 LAMP wont boot it hangs at initramfs prompt. I thought I was covered as had virtualbox snapshot but somehow thats got corrupted too. Can a kind person out there advise how to reinstall Tunrkey LAMP from the Iso but without losing the existing data in var/www/. Dont mind losing mysql etc but I have recent Joomla backups in the partition.




I found this post which is same problem


Tried solution but get

mount -n -o remount,rw /

mkdir /var/run/network /etc/init.d/networking restart

cannot create directory /etc/init.d/networking


Resolved this issue by booting from slax live cd and running

fsck -y /dev/mapper/turnkey-root  

It did not work from Turnkey live cd as partitions are mounted ?

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And thanks for posting back with your solution. Not sure why the drive was being mounted by the Live CD? Perhaps that's the default behaviour of Ubuntu? Theoretically you should be able to just unmount them ('mount' to see what's mounted, 'umount /dev/mapper/whatever' to unmount it)...

TKLBAM backups are a good solution to keep your data safe!

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