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I am not sure if it is this forum or the other one is best to post this.


I have been approched by a company to provide an internal wordpress appliance to run the intranet on. I have suggested the cloud but they insist on it being local.


I have been looking at using the Turnkey appliance for this (as long as i can comerciall use it)

However i have a support issue. I am ok supporting the basicals like wordpress etc, but not too comftable supporting the other deeper components.

I an looking for a company or a team of people who i can use to provide a comercial level of support for this appliance. The company is a large mutli national company, however the internal IT has refused to support it but the bussiness is moving along anyway.


Can any one help



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Can I ask why a large multinational does not have IT support?

EDIT: What I meant was, why a large multi national does not have the ability to support this or why the IT department do not want to touch it?

Chris Musty


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