I have searched for solutions but not found what I need - hence the post. 

At the mo: I have a TKL WP working all nice and fine... 

What I want to do: Allow a multitude of users to have seperate FTP accounts and for them to be able to upload/download from private directories: I want an account for a guy in the office to be able to see all directories and upload/download from any. 

Integration of somesort into the website (a login and webview of directories) would be nice, however it doesn't need to happen

Configuration of FTP accounts and creation of driectories via webadmin would be a plus.. 

Any help or advise on a seperate appliance appreciated



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You can create accounts for each user from the command line and jail them to their home account of whatever location you feel is necesary. Have a look at some of the tutorials for adding a user (useradd is the command) to linux and experiemnt with it.

for useradd http://linux.about.com/od/commands/l/blcmdl8_adduser.htm

for jailing see previous threads http://www.turnkeylinux.org/forum/support/20110104/chroot-sftp-users

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