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Having a problem using Cyberduck (the latest versions both on a OSX Mac and on a Windows computer) to connect using the WebDav on port 443 to my TKL server.  Both will connect no problem on port 22 for SFTP (using both the internal IP and the WAN connection, so I know that it is not a port forwarding issue-22, 443, 12320-1, etc. all properly forwarded).

I'd like to use Cyberduck to map the drive locally (that why I don't want to use SFTP), but the Cyberduck returns a "I/O Error: Unexpected response" Not Found response on the Mac OSX or a "Not a valid DAV response - A pseudo attribute name is expected" on the Windows version.

Can anyone let me know what I need to do to get Cyberduck to play nice with TKL fileserver?  Or how else to map the drive locally (on both Mac OSX and Windows)?  Without buying ExpandDrive (which works ok, by the way)?


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I haven't ever tested it, but I don't think WebDAV is configured OOTB. Although I don't know anything much about WebDAV so perhaps it is...?!

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