Hi, I recently setup one of your WordPress instances @ AWS. Unfortunatley, because I was in the middle of a very active Skype session at the time, I accidentally closed the browser tab that contained my various admin/login settings :(

How do I retrieve all of this info at every level necessary (WP, LAMP, etc)?

Your rapid response would be much appreciated! Thanks.


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When you launch a new appliance you can preseed passwords, if so that's what they are. IIRC if you don't then it will set them to default (IIRC user: admin; password: turnkey). Then you can reset them with the command turnkey-init (you'll need your root password though and if you didn't set one of those you may be out of luck.

If you only just set it up and there's no data in there, why not just destroy it and create a new one?

Hey Jeremy,

Good point. I'm dumping it and starting over :)



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