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I have signed up for the TKL 20$ plan but I am very confused about it.

If I have one Amazon EC2 small server (which costs ~66$ per month if I run it all the month), do I have to pay extra 20$ for the TKL services or is it included in the 66$ price?

Please advise

Thanks in advance,


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If you are only running one small server and don't need/want the EBS backed instance then the Hobby plan would be a cheaper option (15%/mth extra as opposed to $20/mth). Assuming a Small server is ~$66/mth (as you suggested) it would be a total of ~$77/mth (ie $10 extra instead of $20).

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So it seems I can leave it in the hobby plan until I want to buy a reserved instance and reduce costs even more. Emanuel (/forum/support/20111124/cheapest-turnkey-linux-option-amazon-ec2) have calculated the costs for Micro instances - the only differnece in Emanuel's calculation is that the TKL price is now 20$/month, not 15$/month.

I haven't tried to deal with Amazon directly yet, but I am finding here good support. What's your opinion?

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Reserved instances are only supported with EBS-backed instances. The Hobby plan only supports S3-backed.

BTW, depending on the region/instance_size/reserved_duration, you can reduce usage fees up to 65% with reserved instances.

Personally, I always use EBS-backed with reserved for long-running instances. I also setup automatic snapshots as well as TKLBAM. But, I usually use S3-backed instances when I'm messing around, testing and running one-off batch cloud jobs...

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If you are just testing to see how suitable TKL is for your purposes and/or running just one site/server (and don't need/want EBS backing) then the Hobby plan is probably the way to go. Once you are sure that TKL is going to work for you and you wish to use it long term, then upping your plan and going for a reserved instance is definately the way to go.

I have never used AWS without TKL but I find the Hub so user friendly that I couldn't imagine it getting any easier than that. Also the forums are pretty good (although I'm a bit biased because I hang out here a fair bit) and if you really need to get in touch with the devs on a more technical issue, then they are pretty responsive to Hub feedback (blue button on left hand side when you're logged into the Hub).

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