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Do I need to install Java 7 to run javascript on LAPP server

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I recently downloaded the LAPP stack and would like to impliment javascript into my web design, will I need to install the JDK for it to run?

I found this site here


but I wanted to verify I'm moving in the correct direction

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No javascript and java are 2 different things

Javascript should run out of the box on TKL LAMP. And I have read elsewhere that "Java is to Javascript what Ham is to Hamster"!!

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yeah I felt somewhat foolish

yeah I felt somewhat foolish after asking it, but a google search turned up nothing so I figured if any future ham 2 hamsters are confused they'll spot this and realize their foolishness

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Hehe! :)

It's all good! :) Beter to ask and be sure than not know... Besides everyone starts as a newb and I don't think it's a completely stupid assumption to make.

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