I am testing the domain-controler appliance and it works fine with XP.

With seven Pro 64, I can connect to smb file share, but can't join the domain. It prompt me for the login and password, but after that I get a error message like "the domain doesn't exist or can't be contacted" (my message is in french). The ping is ok in both directions.

I also updated to samba4 (using apt-get), but doesn't change anything.

Do you have any clue ?


Thanks in advance,



PS: I'm almost a beginner with linux

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Because I have no experience with Samba4 and very limited experience with Win7.

First thing though, did you uninstall Samba3? If not you probably should do that (I suspect that they will be struggle between themselves for control), and I also suspect that it will require it's own config (assuming you haven't already configured it independantly). Also I have no idea if Webmin will administer Samba4, so you may need to configure it manually.

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Thank you Jeremy for your answer. You're right, changing from Samba3 to Samba4 is no trivial.

In between, I've found the solution on the samba wiki. I've applied this patch to add two key to the registry and I worked fine without any change to the PDC appliance.

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