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I just tried migrating a couple LAMP VMs from TLK 11 to 12. In both cases I used TLKBAM to backup the v11 machines and then restored on the new v12 machines. The restoration seemed to work OK, but after finishing and restarting, Webmin is not accessible any more (shell-in-a-box and phpMyAdmin do work though). This has happened with both machines.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide in this.

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First thing I'd try is seeing if it's running; "service webmin status', although that may not work as not all services support the 'status' request. You could try 'start' or 'restart' and see what they report. Unless they give you some error message then I'd test to see if it works then. Otherwise have a look in /var/log/ and see if there are any Webmin logs in there (should be either in that dir, or there'll be a sub-dir).

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