TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library


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Loving all the new appliances and testing like crazy.

This is not an issue I cannot work around but I am interested in what might be going on.

When I load up an openvz on proxmox I go to the console and perform a turnkey-init.
almost 90% of the time it runs through what looks like an apt-get update and returns to the prompt. Then if I do turnkey-init again it then asks me for my passwords etc...

No issues other than that so far but very different from previouys behaviour.

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I haven't come across this

Hey Chris. FWIW I haven't had this problem at all. I have tested a number of appliances (most OVZ) on both PVE v1.9 and v2.1 and the turnkey-init scripts all seem to be working ok for me (although TBH I always skip the update install - I figure most of my VMs are local use only, besides it'll auto-update that night anyway...)

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After that last post I have just come across this same issue! It was with the SugarCRM appliance (OVZ on PVE v2.1).

It generated the keys and then appeared to run apt-get update && apt-get upgrade (with no input from me) then ended.

When I rerun turnkey-init it does the usual thing, asking for passwords etc... (ie just like you said...)

Any ideas on how we can troubleshoot this at all?

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result almost the same

Since I use proxmox for my base, I just installed the VZ container to do the usual. But this time, there is no turnley anything in the usual places. Maybe this was a rouge container sent up by mistake? When I launch a terminal, ifconfig just shows localhost, so it's not fully cooked yet. :) Ric

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Not my experience Ric

I started using the templates before the release was announced (just lucky I looked at turnkey at the time I guess) and have never had an issue with any appliances other than my original post.

I have trawled logs and setup over 50 containers now and all but 6 did not go straight through when turnkey-initing but they did the second time.

My head hurts now...

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

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I have noticed that too

Several I have had to turnkey-init more than once. No biggie! It might be proxmox, who knows?? But Lord, turnkey does one heckuva job!! Now to figure out how to setup Amazon for backup after the install. not being able to cut n paste that huge ID string made me lazy. Ric

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Putty is your friend

Download putty from here and connect to your server

To copy code from an external source highlight and control-c

To paste into putty simply right click the mouse.

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

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