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OK so I'm trying to upgrade my 11.2 LAMP to 12. I've created a new Medium instance and restored my 11.2 backup all ok. I'm having trouble attaching my EBS data volume. I snaphotted the original and made a new EBS from it and attached to new instance. Amazon says it's attached as /dev/sdf and its an ext4.

Mount says it doesn't exist and I notice that the listed devices start x something so boot dev seems to be /dev/xvda1 and I thnk my new volume has become /dev/xvdf.

Can someone tell me how to mount it please I've tried specifying ext4 and without and niether will mount it.

PS Since discovered xd is Xen Device but I'm not familiar with this.

PPS I've managed to mount it now via Webmin as New Native Linux (ext4) I'm obviously missing something on the command line...still like to know correct command for Xen Device. Thanks.


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