TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library


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First off I'd like to thank everyone who helped out in making this v12 release possible.  This is awesome!  Thank you!


I'm working on setting GitLab and I get a msg box prompting for a password anytime I try to push or pull.

git@serverip's password

<OK> <Cancel>

I have added my public SSH key in GitLab and set my prive key in TortioseGit, but I must still be missing some step.  Any ideas?

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Additional info... I'm using

Additional info...

I'm using PuttyGen to create the key pair.  Type of key is SSH-2 RSA.  I tried SSH-1 also, but no luck either.  I have not tried SSH-2 DSA.

In GitLab I am pasting only the key, none of the surounding text; excluding the "Comment: "rsa-*******"  Is this correct?  Or should the comment be included?

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You should paste in the whole

You should paste in the whole public key, something like:

ssh-rsa blahblaqhblahblahblah... eric@example.com

I've setup gitlab and have used it from linux perfectly well, biut maybe there is a trick with windows I am unware of ( I avoid Windows at all costs).
BTW.. this gitlab appliance is exactly what I needed, very helpful indeed.

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I've tried that too.  Still

I've tried that too.  Still no luck.  Maybe I'm generating the wrong type of key.  I don't see my (or any) email address at the end.

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I'm no expert

I'm not an expert when it comes to ssh keys on Windows platforms. There is likely some tutorial on the web somewhere that shows how to use puttygen to enable passwordless ssh access to Linux servers. I'd suggest finding of those tutorials and following it to enable passwordless access to ssh on the gitlab server. Then use that same key within gitlab.


Sorry I am not a big help, it's just something that I haven't tried.

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