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I just restarted my server after installing some stuff, and the dynamic DNS url I was given when I originally launched the site is no longer pointing to the server!

When I visit the URL I get a page that says "the site you are currently looking for is no longer available".

When I enter the server's IP, the site loads up fine.

Is there a command I need to execute after restarting to re-connect the dynamic DNS?

Just a local DNS propigation issue. Can't get my local DNS to update, but using external proxy sites allows me to reach the dynamic DNS url no problem. 

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Often ISP DNS leaves a lot to be desired... Or are you running a local DNS - in the sense that you have a BIND server running on your local network? If so you should be able to flush the current cache and pick up the new IP. If you use Google DNS ( as your forwarder and reduce the TTL on your cache then you should find that'll make it better.

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