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I am encountering severe problems configuring PHPbb.

First, I would like to disable CAPTCHA as the board will be behind a firewall, and for internal use only.  I have disabled it in the "CAPTCHA module settings," but the CAPTCHA still appears and is required to register.

Secondly, I have set "Account Activation" to "none," but manual activations are still required by admin.

Third, I have been around and around trying to set up LDAP.  By reading all the posts I could find, I discovered the trick of creating a PHPBB account with the same name as an AD account, setting that account to "Founder," and THEN configuring LDAP.  The settings save, (and it fails if I intentionally use the wrong password) but I am unable to login with any AD account other than the one I used to save the setting.

Is there some fundamental step I am missing to have so many seemingly glaring issues?


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So I can't help there. But the other issues sound like they could be bugs...

In fact I have just tried it myself and can confirm the issues. I have lodged a bug report here. It seems all very odd... If the setting weren't saving at all I would suspect a permissions issue, but they seem to save fine, they just don't do anything... I don't know for sure, but I would assume that the issue is with the Debian package of phpBB...

Disapointing for you I'm sure. Unless you have the time, patience and/or know-how to dig a bit deeper and try to work out exactly what is going on, then I can only suggest that you either try a different TKL forum appliance or install it yourself onto the TKL LAMP appliance (should be fairly easy following the instructions on the phpBB website.

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It looks like the initial version checks are a simple comparison of the latest version of phpBB available vs the version installed. But when you go to the update page, it double checks and recognises that in the TKL appliance phpBB is installed from Debian package management and that it is the latest version supplied from the Debian repos.

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