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Hi, I am a newbie with ZERO tech skills when it comes to computer and code!  I recently took an old Dell desktop tower and loaded Ubuntu 12.04 on it and installed the LAMP server.  I am wondering if I should uninstall the LAMP and reinstall from a package here on Turnkey that would include admin such as Webmin, etc for easy management.  My ultimate goal is to have a website that I can log into from other computers, iphone, ipad, etc and use SugarCRM. I will want my team to be able to login through that site also.  Not sure if all this info is necessary or if you need more!  I need the easiest solution besides the obvious of paying someone else to do it...I have no budget for that.  I love the challenge of learning new things and look forward to hearing from anyone!

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I am unfamiliar with SugarCRM but AFAIK the TKL appliance has that installed on top of LAMP. So if you wish to include additional websites that is possible (TKL v12.x is basically just a Debian server that has been preconfigured for a specific purpose).

The beauty of TKL is that it has a lot of stuff set up from the start, ready to roll. I don't use Webmin much any more but found it invaluable when I first started with TKL.

Why not download the ISO, install it into a VM (like VirtualBox) and take it for a test drive. If you think it will suit your purpose then burn the ISO to CD (or USB) and install on your bare metal. Although unless it is particularly old and/or low level hardware a low resource hypervisor OS such as Proxmox on bare metal may be a better option. You can then install TKL appliances as OVZ containers which have very low resource overheads. Then you could run a couple of VM simultaneously on the one lot of hardware...

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