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Hi all,

I am a newby to Proxmox VE.  Having watched Chris' video tutorial, I installed Proxmox VE2.1-1 on baremetal yesterday and gave the Tomcat openvz a spin.

I set the static IP as

I can connect to the webmin at https_colon//

I can connect to the web shell at https_colon//

I cannot connect to the web at http(s)://

Is there something special that needs to be tweaked in the openvz version of tomcat?

FYI, the tomcat ISO install works perfectly on my XCP server.



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I have managed to solve the problem by googling.

I changed Container's processor  from 1 to 2 and everything is working fine.


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This will no doubt help others.

It probably explains issues I was having when I was having a play with Alfresco a few months ago. I assumed that it was to do with 32 bit (Alfresco no longer officially supports running on 32 bit Linux platforms).

On a side note, I vaguely recall reading that to get optimal performance from Java applets running within OVZ containers a little container tweaking around the memory usage (sorry don't recall the details)...

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