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Since February 2012 automatic security updates for Ubuntu 8.04 based machines do give an error when trying to query the repository "deb lenny / updates main" included in the file "security.sources.list ".

I've read that Debian stopped support for those dates for this version. My question is what should I do for a public Production Server (accesible throught Intenet) before a system upgrade (I know that this will be the best option for security). Comment or delete the line of the file "security.sources.list"? or should I add some other source (based on "" or somewhere else)?

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Personally I'd backup your current server with TKLBAM and then restore to a test server running the v12.0 of the relevant appliance. Seeing as a lot has changed in the last 3 years it may take some tweaking to get it all working sweet, but it is your safest, best (IMO) way to go. Once it all works as you need on your test server, then take a backup of your test server and replace your production server. I wouldn't destroy your production server until you can confirm that everything is 100% good.

You've only got 6 months left of support for the Ubuntu bit (and as you can ssee the Debian bits are no longer getting security updates.

Personally I would not be keen to do a system upgrade between versions of Ubuntu (expecially LTS versions). To do it on an important production server is asking for trouble IMO. This is even moreso the case when going from such an old version of TKL

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