I signed up and created a simple LAMP server, backup was quick and created a 1 MB S3 backup file. After configuring all my data on a Small Server including web pages and Mysql, I kicked a another full backup of this new server.

It said the full uncompressed backup size was a little under 5 GB and ran for about an hour before the backup processes seemed to complete, now after 4 hours there are no backup processes running. I lost the console due to a connectivity disconnect during this period so don't know what console messages may be occuring, if any.

Here's what it shows me currently:


# ID  SKPP  Created     Updated     Size (MB)  Label
   1  No    2012-10-03  2012-10-03  1.10       Medium LAMP Stack
   2  No    2012-10-04  -           0.01       Small LAMP Stack
The second backup is the one that did not seem to complete, the first from yesterday the 3rd is fine.
TKLBAM:  Backup ID #2, Updated Thu 2012-10-04 10:40
The tkl web console still shows First Backup in Progress...
Is my backup really occuring?  How can I take another one and how long might I expect a moderate backup like this to take?
My use case for the server for demo and testing is gone if I can't backup and down the server in a reasonable time period.
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If so then backups should be relatively quick, although TBH I'm not sure what the data transfer speed is. If you are running your TKL instance elsewhere then it will be significantly slower.

Eg if I backup a local server with 5GB of data in Australia using TKLBAM.

theoretical max upload speed 1Mbps = 1024Kbps = 125 KB/s =  ~439MB/hour

5GB = 5120MB

5120MB divided by 439MB/hr = ~11 hours 40 minutes

It is unlikely that the upload connection would be completely saturated, nor would I probably get that theoretical maximum in the first place. A 5GB backup could realisticly take days here in Australia...

Perhaps consult the TKLBAM log. TBH I don't recall exactly where it is but should be in /var/log somewhere (check the docs it may say...)

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